Vision and Mission


The aim of the School is to impart integrated and comprehensiveeducation to the budding Youths of India preparing them to envision a World ofhuman dignity, brotherhood and equality. The School aims at building leaderswho are dedicated to the service of the Nation and Humanity firmly rooted inintegral values and impeccable disposition. The School aims to guide thestudents through a system beyond pure academic achievement into development ofthe total personality.

TheSchool endeavors to guide and shape natural talents so that a student is ableto:-

1.                Absorb and live by the universal and eternal valuesof life as enunciated by ancient and modern thinkers and rooted in India’sspiritual heritage, culture and traditions.

2.                Develop a scientific temperament and an attitude forexcellence and learning throughout life.

3.                Keep abreast of time without giving in to unreasoned temptations to succumb or forsaking the proven values of life.


1.                Our mission is to develop critical thinking byquestioning and reflective thinking on "How's and Why's" leading toimprovement in academic achievements and helpful in later life.

2.                Our mission is to provide the best environment,opportunities and infrastructure to students and teachers in pursuit ofexcellence in scholastic and co-scholastic spheres.

3.                Our mission is to strive for highest standards inhuman values, engaging in exclusivity and global outlook, social responsibilityand service to the nation through school programs and activities.