Various online resources to make classroom teaching more informative & interactive.

SCIENCE LABORATORIES: The school has well-equipped and well-stocked Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science Laboratories where specimens, models, picture-charts and educational CDs are used as effective tools to teach Science.

COMPUTER LABS : The School has well equipped two Computer labs – Senior Computer Lab and Junior Computer Lab.

PORTABLE WATER: The school ensures uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water on all the floors. Water Coolers are installed in the school.

CCTV CAMERAS: School is under CCTV surveillance so as to ensure safety & security. It helps in monitoring& keeping track of activities taking place in the school premises. There are  total 60 Cameras installed in various parts of the school premises.

PLAY FIELDS: To ensure holistic development of the students, games and sports are an integral part of the school curriculum. The school boasts of vast play areas for the students. Cricket and football field, basketball court and badminton court are used by the students to hone their skills. Professional coaches train the students to excel in the sport/game of their choice.