School Rules for Parents

                             Code Of Conduct for Parents
Parents/guardians have a responsibility to

Encourage and sensitize children about the importance of observing school rules.
Work in a collaborative manner to ensure actualization of your wards potential.
Communicate relevant information and concerns to the school.(students medical history and background, details of medication and allergy if any)
Electronic devices compete for students’ attention. Ensure that students do not bring any such device to the school.
Spend time in the evening with your child and help them pack their bags or any other material required for class activity the next day.
Assist and guide your ward in timely completion of home assignments and projects.
To support and instill in children the value of various types of homework.
To demonstrate academic integrity and not give so much help that the value of the homework is destroyed.
To contact the class teacher for queries and assistance if problems develop that are not resolved by the student.
Encourage and motivate your ward to participate in school activities and events with full enthusiasm and gusto.
Prepare and encourage your ward to give their very best in all school assessments.
To bring to the notice of authorities any case of bullying or abuse that comes to your notice.
To always act respectfully to teachers, administrators, and other parents and students.
To show support for teachers and administrators, setting an example for your ward.
Attend PTM’s regularly.
Ensure that the diary is carried by your ward daily to the school. Check it daily for any communication from school.
Send healthy and balanced meals in school lunch. Also ensure that the child has had adequate sleep, is well rested and had breakfast in the morning.
Send your ward in clean and proper school uniform. It’s mandatory for students to wear I Card.
Parents must carry their parents I card issued by school when entering school premises.
Parents are restricted from entering classroom during regular school days.
Monitor your wards progress and meet the concerned teachers by taking prior appointments.
Visit the school website for notifications and updates.
Any change in address or telephone number should be immediately intimated to school.