Parents should abide by the following points regarding the School Conveyance :-

  • School bus facility is provided for students subjected to the availability of seats.
  • Students must be at their stop 10 minutes before the schedule time.
  • Conveyance fees are to be paid for 11 months. No Conveyance fee is payable for the month of June.
  • One month's notice must be given before withdrawing from the bus or one month's fee in lieu of that.
  • Routes of the School buses are drawn as prescribed by the school and can be obtained from the school office.
  • All bus stops are decided by the School authorities only. Request for change in the route or stop of the bus to suit an individual's convenience will not be entertained.
  • Small children must be received at the bus stop by parent or guardian. If no one is found waiting to collect the child, he/ she will be brought to School and must be picked up by the parent from the School office.
  • Student who use the Private Van or any other means of transport other than the School bus, will be doing so at their own risk.
  • Indiscipline behaviour in the School bus will make the student ineligible to use the school Transport.

Note : The School will not be responsible forthe safety of the student travelling by private transport and parents areadvised in their interest to note vehicle number, retain the photo I.D. of suchdrivers with their permanent address proof.

 Policeverification of the driver is a must.